Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ramon's city... Pari!

Day 3,4 and 5 in geneva were dedictaed to the conference i was there to attend. And i could hardly run eloquent in the love the people there any more than i have already done, so after my stint in geneva (which was pleasant and awesome), i headed towards paris, very happily having save 140 francs from my original stash of money.

The wonder began in switzerland itself. On the way, i saw scenery apt to be, in todays language, the perfect screensaver... First came the snow covered bushes, then the christmas trees and then gradually, the hills and the bridges joining them! I was so strongly reminded of harry potter and the journey that the hogwarts train takes that for a moment, it really felt like i was going there. It was picturesque. The snow was glistening, like thousands of women had lost their earrings together here! It was brilliant.

I entered paris, again scared and apprehensive like i was on the first day in geneva, because every time i mentioned how good the people there were, they would say, 'but be careful in paris, it's not the same'. I went straight to the information center in gare de lyon, which is very conveniently located, and asked for directions to my hostel which were promptly provided.

It was time for the ticket now. The machine took coins only. So, i decided to buy something from a Coffee shop. The change i had now got me a ticket, and i boarded a train. A very lovely lady, previously an airhostess and now a therapist, welcomed me to paris with her smile and a chat about india and shri aurobindo. In the end, she even gave me her email id and number, just incase i have any trouble in paris. Such wonderful people.

I reached my hostel, and byt the time i went to sleep, i had made plans with another lone traveller Nicholas, from Colombia to walk to the eiffel tower the next day!

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